PixTrakk monitors the use of your photos and images

PixTrakk enables you to check that rights to your photos and images are being respected thanks to a system that monitors the use of your photos in the print press and on the internet.
We permanently monitor hundreds of print publications and millions of websites. We harvest the photos used and compare them with the low resolution photos that you have supplied us with. You therefore know where, when, how and by whom your photos and images are being used. You tell us whether or not the use of the photo in question has been paid for or should be paid for. If your photos are being used illegally, you can appeal to our legal service represented by the law firm, Kahn & Associés. The legal service covers bailiff’s reports and recovery costs … It saves you the trouble of being on the front line, takes care of administrative problems for you and, with your agreement, takes the case to court. The cost of subscribing to the service is minimal thanks to the sharing of costs and sums recovered.

PixPalace, the network for buyers of photos and videos

France’s leading marketplace for professional photography, PixPalace enables a thousand professionals – photo editors, photo counter managers, art directors, etc. – working in the press, publishing and advertising sectors, to carry out transversal searches of around a hundred photo and video agencies, collectives and museums, all of whom are partners.
With over 20 million existing photos and a daily flow of 30,000 new images, PixPalace offers a wide range of content. Adapted specifically to the needs of professionals, the service’s tools make rapid searches possible and provide agencies with detailed reports (download statistics, searches, etc.).

PixPush, the technical solution

We provide you with technical solutions tested by PixPalace’s agencies and buyers.
If you are a press or publishing group, PixPush enables you to combine your various photo flows and archives with the Pixpalace offer so that you can search the entirety of your content, PixPush also enables agencies to manage their photos and make them available to customers via the internet.

PixDay, the professional photography trade show

PixDay is the trade show for sellers / buyers of photos held on an annual basis in Paris.